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Dying Light

#DyingLight Amazingly fun open world Zombie Survival; Does not force you into any route or play-style & is enjoyable because of this
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Alien Isolation

#Alien #Isolation The retro setting is great & the game certainly delivers on the fear factor; however after a short time I felt powerless & overwhelmed. But the iconic monster is back.
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GTA V Online

#GTAV #Online gives the game a whole new dimension, get your friends together and enjoy the guaranteed carnage of co-op missions, races and shooting everything that moves.
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GTA V Enhanced Re-release

#GTAV This game was good before, but wait until you see the improved graphics & gameplay. Open environment is great, but is an easy source of distraction. Music selection is poor & the map feels too small.
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Trials Fusion

#TrialsFusion quite simply it's a Trials game. It's challenging, fun and keeps you engaged with the crazy challenges. Plenty of amazing backdrops and bikes for all.
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Limited Edition Consoles!

What?! This is something I have never gotten my head around, sure it makes some sense from a commercial standpoint and I'm sure the game publishers & designers pay a small…

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