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The Red Solstice

#TheRedSolstice The game can be overwhelming with a steep learning curve, but once you get into it , it is hard to put down, mainly due to nice environments, balanced mechanics & fast paced game-play
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Pillars of Eternity

#pillarsofeternity One of the few and most likely the best game to come from a kickstarter campaign and possibility the only game this year that lives up to player expectations.
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#Blackguards One of the best designed games i've played this year, and it deserves more recognition. It has a few issues but nothing game-stopping.
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Space Hulk Ascension

#SpaceHulk #Ascension While there are a few faults & balance issues it's one of the better Space Hulk adaptations (turn based tactic games) out there at the moment
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#Xenonauts A modern take on the classic #XCom. Simplistic in design, extremely fun and very easy to play, but could do with some more variety on the mission types.
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