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Moms for Minecraft

Some would say I’m a little biased, having received my bachelor’s degree in game design, but I firmly believe that games teach us things whether we want them to or not. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on what games you expose your children to in their most formative years.

The debate has been going a long time about whether violent games affect our kids, and I believe that in some ways they do. On the flip side, there are commercial games out there that have the potential to teach them wonderful things. As a mom and a game designer I’ve paid special attention to how the games my kids play shape them and teach them.

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Oh Gawds, Another Women In Games Post

There has been a deluge of articles, posts, comments, and general discussion about the topic of women being represented in games (and film, and television, etc.) in the recent months. Many of these have cried out for stronger or more prominent female characters. Some have been aimed at exposing over-sexualization. A few are even commentary on how some games try too hard and swing the opposite way and create a masculinized female character.

I wanted to weigh in on this subject. My opinion is just that, an opinion, but it comes from someone who raised her fist along with all the others when protesting that women have a place in games and gaming. I have fought

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