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Divinity Original Sin

#Divinity #OriginalSin a modern approach to old-school RPGs, combat is enthralling, the world is vibrant and beautiful and it takes you on an unforgettable adventure.
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Alien Isolation Survivor Mode

Earlier today Sega released the following video showcasing the new DLC and game mode for Alien Isolation, Alien Isolation isn't even out for another couple of weeks, and yet they have…

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Trials Fusion

#TrialsFusion quite simply it's a Trials game. It's challenging, fun and keeps you engaged with the crazy challenges. Plenty of amazing backdrops and bikes for all.
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Limited Edition Consoles!

What?! This is something I have never gotten my head around, sure it makes some sense from a commercial standpoint and I'm sure the game publishers & designers pay a small…

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